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Seascape represents and collaborates with leading factories and suppliers from Asia, Europe, USA, UAE and Latin America for the provision of vessel engine parts, deck equipment and repair services. From its establishment, Seascape has built an impressive record in providing top quality services, with the interest of the client as the “heart” of our business philosophy and operating practice.

Today, we offer our services to over 3000 vessels managed by more than 250 ship management companies in Greece and Cyprus, and represent more than 20 of the most reputable engine factories and trading houses.

Engine spare parts & Technical Consultancy

World-renown engines from the most reputable factories.

Repairs & Services

Ship repairs using highly qualified teams.

Deck equipment

Deck equipment, including synthetic and steel wire ropes, from established manufacturers through our global network in Europe, USA, UAE, Singapore, China and Korea.

Our Route

Seascape has been built on the values of its Founder and President, Dimitris Liaskonis.

These are no other than reliability, diligence, authenticity, and commitment to people.
Today these values are synonymous with the company, making it stand out as a leading provider of ship equipment supply.

Dimitris is supported by a team of over 20 professionals working in a culture that offers them sound relationships, professional advancement, and continuous training to keep up with industry’s latest technological and sustainable developments, both on a local and international level.

Our Mission


Providing top quality services in ship safety

Adding value for the customer through excellent support

Creating synergies for lower costs

Building strong and long-lasting relationships

Growing continuously based on a long-term vision

Raising quality standards for the industry

Our Values


Working in a client-centered way

Providing highly customized services

Promoting sustainable and innovative solutions

Applying a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Supporting Greek artists and culture

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