Dimitris N. Liaskonis

Founder & President


With academic qualifications in Mechanical Engineering, Dimitris has been working in the shipping industry for more than 35 years. Our Founder started his career in 1977, working in the design, engine fittings and repairs departments of the Greek Shipyards; he continued in managerial positions in the field of vessel machinery equipment and as managing director at various shipping companies in Greece.

In 1992, Dimitris established his first company that gradually represented 12 manufacturers, and in 2005 he created his second company, Seascape, currently representing more than 16 manufacturers.

Seascape was built on the personal values of its Founder, Dimitris Liaskonis. These are no other than reliability, diligence, authenticity, and commitment to people. Today these values are synonymous with the company and what make it stand out as a leading provider of quality shipping services.

Dimitris wanted to create an atmosphere that offers their employees sound relationships, professional advancement and continuous training so they remain up-to-date in industry developments, both locally and internationally.

The dedication displayed by the company’s Founder and his hard working team, combined with their care for the shipping industry, are the basis of our outstanding client service and explains
why we have managed to build and maintain an excellent image in Greece and internationally. Today Seascape is considered a shipping industry front-runner.



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