Posidonia 2010

June 10, 2010

Thank you for visiting our stand!

The international shipping exhibition Posidonia 2010, which took place in Helinikon Athens/Greece between 7-11 June 2010, had the strongest attendance ever with 1,858 exhibiting companies participating from 87 countries, 21 national pavilions and 17,385 visitors.

This exhibition was a great success for Seascape as well, as we and our partners overseas had the chance to introduce our products and services to the market and also to discuss with our customers their further requirements, so that to develop our future policy and services accordingly.

During the Posidonia exhibition we had the chance to organize a wonderful dinner for our principals’ representatives.

It was a pleasure meeting you at Posidonia 2010 and we warmly welcome you to Posidonia 2012!

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