Posidonia 2014

June 2, 2014

One of the most largest exhibition in the shipping world came to an end, creating a big success for both our company and the whole organization. According to the statistics, 19.421 visitors and 1.843 exhibitors from a total of 93 countries consisted a 10% increased since the last exhibition, a fact which had an effect in the number of visitors in our stand. Apart from the numbers, the overall conclusion was that the greek shipping industry is deemed considerably promising for investment opportunities worldwide and importantly competitive in the global shipping environment.

Our presence in Posidonia 2014 was a great experience by all perspectives. First of all, we were proud to host our international partners who honored us with their presence, empowered our stable relationships and shared with us wonderful moments. Specifically, apart from their important presence each of the five days in our stand, we enjoyed their companionship in our dinner in Hytra restaurant and in the one-day cruise in Argosaronikos’ islands.

Our success was outstandingly expressed by our customers and friends, who were welcomed in our stand with gladness, warmness and respect. We felt proud to be offered their most generous comments and we are thankful for their trust either in our long-time or fresher cooperation.

We thank by heart our suppliers, Seascape’s team and every person who cooperated with us for this excellent outcome. As our partners and friend Orlando said, we proved that we are one team with one goal. And this is the most important achievement. We promise to continue to provide you our top quality services with loyalty to our commitment and continuous evolution.

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