Seascape as exclusive representatives of Jiangsu Yasheng Rope Co. Ltd.

January 18, 2021

We are pleased to announce that our company has been appointed as the Exclusive Agent of Jiangsu Yasheng Rope Co. Ltd., a leading factory for mooring ropes in China, specialized in a wide range of fiber mooring and towing ropes. Their product portfolio includes:  
· PP rope
· Polyester rope
· Nylon rope
· PP & Polyester mixed rope
· UHMWPE rope
· Manila rope
· Pilot Ladders etc.
· Wire ropes (through their local network)
All of the company’s products are approved by ABS, DNV GL, LR, CCS, KR.
The company stands out from the competition not only because of their very competitive prices and excellent quality, but also their really fast delivery times, achieved through their fast production line. Their production is focused only on high grade mooring ropes, supplying them at any port of China, and exporting them worldwide.
Yasheng Rope can deliver their products directly on board, avoiding intermediaries’ fees, thus achieving significant lower prices compared to the local ship chandlers.
The fine quality of Yasheng Rope products coming along with attractive prices, high professionalism of their staff, quick responses and fast delivery times, render Yasheng Rope a worth-a-try supplier in mooring ropes.
Your trust and ongoing support in Seascape has always been precious – the force that has been driving us to grow. This trust will continue to be our motivation to develop our network of suppliers, with the promise to create reliable collaborations that cover your fleet’s needs in the most cost and time efficient way.
We will be happy to provide you with any more information you may need, and we also invite you to visit their website for more details on the company’s profile and product range

We sincerely thank you for your cooperation and will be glad to respond to your upcoming inquiries at

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